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A First Look...Focus

One of the things that I am encouraging athletes to do through this time is focus in on their lists. I feel like a lot of lists are often made arbitrarily. There isn't usually a ton of time put into diving into each school to figure out whether or not the school, program and academics are going to be fit. Lists are often glossed over and generally include schools within the top 100 RPI for each athlete. Why this has "worked" in the past is that a lot comes out in the wash once tournament/qualifier season starts for club volleyball. Maybe a few schools on the list come and watch and have interest, but there are missed opportunities for handfuls of other schools to come watch you play. Missed opportunities with schools that might be a better fit overall.

I think that the "why" is going to become more important than ever. Coaches are going to have to be able to weed through the athletes that are just interested in the cover of the book. These athletes can weed themselves out eventually, but it does take time and energy for coaches to go through this process. So, as an athlete, your "why" is going to be more important now than it has before. You will need to evaluate why you are interested in a specific school and what exactly is it you are really trying and wanting to get out of your 4 years of college.

As you start to evaluate what it is you are really looking for in a college you will do two things.

First, you will be able to articulate what it is a particular school that really draws you in.

Second, you will find other schools to add to your list that weren't there before.

These things are important in the process generally, but as we move into this club season I really think that focusing in on what you are trying to accomplish when it comes to playing volleyball in college will be immensely beneficial.

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