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Ask Better Recruiting Questions - Part 9

Updated: Jun 15

Google "recruiting questions" and you will get a bunch of different lists and options of different recruiting questions you "should" ask a college coach throughout the recruiting process. I took the majority of the questions for this post from THIS article. There is nothing wrong with these lists in general. They just tend to be general and not specific to you or YOUR recruiting process.

How can we ask BETTER questions throughout the recruiting process?

*General questions

Better, more specific questions

In this blog we will look at your typical list of general recruiting questions and how we can flip them around into specific/ better questions. Doing this will:

1. Make you stand-out in the recruiting process

2. Show that you have an increased level of interest compared to other athletes

3. Help you have better more in-depth conversations with college coaches.

When someone asks me, "What kinds of questions should we ask?" My response is always, "What do you want to know? What is going to help you decide whether or not you're really interested in that school? Those are the questions you need to ask."

What is the game day atmosphere like?

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