• Jason

Live Streaming Volleyball

I talked about this a little bit last week on my Podcast - another great way to get insight on what's happening in the recruiting world and college volleyball - (you can check it out HERE or your favorite podcast provider) but, with D1 coaches still on a "dead period" and D2 coaches limited now by their budgets and currently playing a season (issues I have talked about before) the amount of coaches that are going to be out is going to be significantly less than it has been in the past. Regardless, college coaches are still itching and or screaming for film from athletes (also for you to email them). One way that you can get them access to your matches is by communicating to them the live stream (MVPCast or BallerTV) type of info. Now, as smart and knowledgable as coaches are this is one area where they will need some help for sure. I am planning on communicating as much of the livestream info as I can and know about, but not every tournament is going to have a ton of great information, unfortunately, that's just how it goes. You as the athlete can help facilitate this information and in fact, it really is your responsibility to MAKE SURE the college coaches you want to watch you play have the information they need so that they can watch you play LIVE this club season. Be sure to include, court numbers, times and even the color ribbon in your hair.

I would even say that you should include the information about the streamed event the week prior to the tournament and then, repeat the same information the next week after the tournament is over. Most of these formats are storing all the film in one place so that coaches can go watch it live or the recording of it days, weeks and months later. So, it might even be information you are including with every email. I talk all the time about what information to include in your signature, add this stuff to that list.

Things are certainly changing this club season, but what isn't changing is the need to reach out to college coaches as much as possible in order to stay in their head and relevant. This is NOT going to be the club season where coaches just happen upon athletes. If you are not reaching out on a consistent basis to college coaches and getting them the information they need in order to get evaluated, then you just might be left behind. The phrase "I didn't know she was that interested" will be what coaches are saying about athletes that finally reach out in May or June; some might have already moved on.

Know whether or not your tournament is having live-streaming available and MAKE SURE that you are giving that information to the college coaches you WANT to be watching you. Every rep and every tournament is going to be important to the recruiting process this club season. Take advantage of each one!

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