• Jason

My Children Are Insane

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

I got a decent look at how our fall was going to be this last week. Sara took a job at a private school this next year and so we enrolled our three oldest in the same school. It's a university model, so we still get to do the home school stuff 3 days a week and then they are in the classroom for 2 days. But it's going to look a lot different!

When we started down this journey a little over two years ago one of the biggest bonuses was that I would get to be home more and spend more time with the kids. It certainly made the 4 day road trips almost disappear and so I have been home a lot more. But a majority of the "kid" stuff during the day still fell on Sara. I loved the opportunity to take Keagan to lacrosse practice, just the two of us and Corin and I were able to do Taekwondo almost every day, just the two of us. It was great because I never really had that opportunity as a college coach, working from before they woke up in the morning until dinner; and then more work after they all went to bed. It's one of the reasons I give to my college coaching friends when they ask me if I want to get back into coaching.

So this week looked really different. Sara had inservice all week and so I stayed at home with the kids (all 4) and I wasn't able to get a ton of work done except during our quiet time in the afternoon when Finn was able to watch Daniel Tiger to his hearts content. But everyday we went to the park, played in the back-yard on our swing-set (that took me 3 days to build), played inside, had some "tablet time" and did some water fun out in the back yard. Everyday I told Corin to stop climbing on the roof of the swing-set; I told Keagan to NOT push his baby brother down the slide; I had to stop Eleanor from squirting her baby brother in the face with the squirt gun. My children are insane. I had to stop letting them swing into the "splash pad" we have because they were giving no quarter to whoever was in their at the time. I had to stop wrestling matches where the three older ones were oblivious to the fact that they were steamrolling their baby brother. Finn is no help at all as he tries to climb on the outside of the swing-set and bodyslam whichever sibling he is currently playing with. That child has no fear. "Have another kid" they said..."It'll be fun!" they said.

So, with all the craziness going on in the world of college athletics and since I did take a little break from a chunk of my work this week, I thought I would explain a little bit of what it looks like when one parent is dealing with all 4 kids by themselves. Did I mention my wife is amazing? Because she is. There will be lots of time to chat about EVERYTHING that happened this past week in the weeks to come. I hope you enjoyed the short diversion from college recruiting, because I know I did. It was great getting to be surrounded by the insanity for a week. I don't think I would want it any other way.

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