• Jason

The Current State of Recruiting

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

This week was certainly a crazy one. I had planned on driving to Denver early Thursday morning for the Crossroads Qualifier and by the time Thursday night was over, I didn't think I could be that exhausted NOT driving 12 hours in the car by myself. As the dominos started falling Wednesday, it all seemed to be happening too fast to comprehend. With Spokane and Indy getting cancelled, I figured that Crossroads wasn't far behind and made the decision to stay home. The constant stream of communication with college coaches and parents Thursday through Saturday did make me feel like I was at a Qualifier. We seemed to go really quickly from "Games with no fans" to just shutting everything down. Some college coaches were talking to me about their admin not letting them travel for up to two weeks; then the NCAA came down with a Dead Period, officially giving colleges and coaches no choice in the matter. The USAV and volleyball clubs followed suit by closing their doors, cancelling tournaments and cancelling practices and lessons. So by Monday (Today) there is no volleyball, no NBA, NHL or NBA, no NCAA Basketball Tournament and no Spring sports to speak of really either.

So what do things look like right now? NCAA is currently on a "Dead Period" those details are as follows:

Here's what that means:

- NO Official of Unofficial Visits

- NO Contacts or Evaluations

- NO Camps or Clinics

Here is what we CAN still do:

- Phone Calls and Texts

- Send and Receive Emails

This "Dead Period" is active right now and will end on April 15th. What will happen after that is still under question. Remember also that we will start a "Quiet Period" for D1 schools on May 1st. So, if coaches are able to get out and watch volleyball, they will be most likely be getting out as much as possible during those two weeks. I don't see the NCAA cancelling or shortening the "Quiet Period" or even making it start a little bit later. I could be wrong, but I just don't think that will happen.

So with no volleyball tournaments to go to and no practices to watch, the next issue to discuss is going to be camps. Most colleges have their camps in July after USAV Nationals or late in June. Depending on how things go in the next month or so, attending college camps shouldn't be a huge issue. But some college coaches have been told by their administration that summer camps might be something that goes away as well. This will certainly have a lot of impact on recruiting for several different graduating classes, as coaches use their camp as a big piece of the recruiting process.

So what can you do? I think the biggest thing moving forward is to stay in touch with the schools on your list as often as you can; get used to NOT talking about volleyball; if you haven't been the athlete that reaches out, now is the time to start! Coaches are really going to want to know who is interested now! I think a lot of athletes have a great opportunity to even get in touch with coaches that might not have been on their radar before. Everyone is in a "pause" and everyone is on the same playing field right now. Take advantage of it!

USAV has put together a really helpful page with updates on Qualifiers and other information, check it out here!