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Setters run into two big issues when it comes to their recruiting process:

1) who needs a setter?

2) Does that school run a 5-1 or a 6-2?


We've tried to counter issue #1 with the Needs List that you can get on this site.  Is a little harder to know or even figure out.  


With this download, we have gone through all 300+ D1 volleyball teams across the country and let you know whether that school ran a 5-1 or a 6-2 in the fall 2023 season.  


This should be used as a guide when looking at different and new school options when you are going through your recruiting process or maybe at the start of you creating your list.  We can not tell the future or know for certain that that school will continue to run a 5-1 or a 6-2 based on this list.  It is meant to be a compilation of the information that we can get.  


We gathered this info solely looking at stats available on the school's website.  

Where there is some confusion in the stats, I tried to make notes and communicate that information.  Just looking at statistics it is sometimes difficult to tell the offense run by a school over the course of the entire season.  Again, we have tried to make notes in these situations.  


Please use this as a guide and or starting point in your recruiting process vs "We aren't going to email them because it says they only run a 5-1"


We hope the info is helpful and beneficial to you in your recruiting processes!!! 


D1 Colleges Running a 5-1 vs 6-2

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