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13 Days

I talk a lot about contacting your schools each week. It doesn't have to be anything huge like updated film or chatting on the phone. Just a simple email or text usually is good! It's the hardest part of this process though. You want coaches to make sure they know you are interested. It's also really hard to contact school every week! Especially if you have a list of more than 10. But once you get down to single-digits or a Top 5 list of schools, you need to be contacting them every week.

I always get the question "Jason, we haven't heard from THIS school in two weeks or so. Does that mean they are no longer interested? Or should we reach out to them?" Every time my response is the same..."Email them today." If you are going more than two weeks without hearing from a school, reach out to them.

When you as the athlete reach out consistently to a program it will do one of two things:

1) Lets them know how interested you really are in their program, which is ALWAYS a good thing.

2) It puts the coaches in a position where they need to figure out how interested they are in you.

I don't know how ALL the programs across the country handle recruiting, but I can say that in general you should get a sense about how interested a school is in you by the level of response and the amount of response they give you. We will talk about this more in next weeks blog "Want to be Wanted". Why I tell athletes and families to contact their schools each week is because you have to be the initiators on this side. There are just too many athletes for coaches to choose from and you can get lost in the shuffle really easily.

Sometimes coaches don't respond right away because there is a lot going on and their inbox and text feeds get full really fast. Stay in the forefront of their mind by reaching out each week. Especially for those athletes that are narrowing down their list or heading into their Junior or Senior years of high school, you should have a manageable list of schools that you are reaching out to so that you CAN communicate regularly with them.

Reach out every 13 days - don't go two whole weeks without contacting one of your top schools. If you are that interested in a school, then show them.

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