• Jason

250 Emails

If you're in the 2023 class, all I am asking you to do is send a minimum of 5 emails to 50 schools between now and June 15th.

Now this might seem like a lot..."250 emails," you say, "Jason, that's too many!!!"

Well, lets break that down shall we?

4 months (roughly 14 weeks)

March = 31 days

April = 30 days

May = 31 days

June = 15 days (because we are gearing up for June 15th! :)

That equals a total of 117 days that you have from the day are reading this post until June 15th. Also, if you started this in February :) then you are ahead of the curve!

You are probably going to 3 Qualifiers or bigger tournaments that coaches can watch on Livestream or BallerTV. So that's 150 of your 250 emails that are basically already done for you:

"Hey, Coach, I'm playing in this tournament this weekend. Here is my schedule and the link to the livestream!"

Done (boom!)

These emails can be general because you're really just making a touch-point with the coach, getting your name to pop-up on their screen so you can create more name recognition.

I suggest sending those emails out at the beginning of the week so even if it takes you 2 days to send all 50 emails that's still only 6 days and 150 emails already done for you.

If you're tournaments are in back-to-back weekends, that might make it a little bit challenging, but you can either send out some unique emails to specific schools in-between or send another mass email the week after your tournaments.

That leaves 111 days to send 100 unique and individualized emails to schools letting them know you're interested. That is roughly 1 a day. I always suggest NOT sitting down and spending 4 hours straight sending emails; it creates a lot of stress and athletes get burnt out doing stuff like that. 2-3 a day shouldn't take more than an hour. If it's taking you longer to write those emails, let me know and I will help with how to make them shorter. You don't need to include NEW film with each email. It's a perk but it's unnecessary. I have a blog post about that HERE, and HERE

So, once you've picked your tournament weeks that you are sending emails out, find 2-3 more weeks where you can send out all 50; or pick a day each week that you can send out 7-10 unique emails. That on top of your 150 that you are sending out letting coaches know about your upcoming tournaments will easily get you to your 250 emails between now and June 15th.

The other reason for this is that consistency in communication is important. I talk about this HERE... and HERE...

Once June 15th comes along, coaches are going to want to hear from you on a regular basis, with them reaching out directly to you or the coaches wanting to know how interested you are and so they are waiting for you to call them. Both sides want the other side to show interest. In my opinion, the athlete should always be willing to reach out!

There, see...5 emails to 50 schools between now and June 15th doesn't seem so bad now, does it?

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