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Recruiting From Film?

How comfortable are most college coaches recruiting solely off of highlights and game footage?

They aren't, not at all.

Film is what draws coaches in. Film is what brings them to the court. Film is what gets them to come watch you play live. "Definitely someone we want to come watch live" is something that coaches say on a regular basis about athletes that they see on film. They want to make sure that what they are seeing on film matches what they see in person. Many coaches do trust their eye, but film and highlights can be really deceiving sometimes. Watching full-game film is painstakingly difficult, a really slow process and limited you usually to watching 1 athlete at a time. At a tournament I could watch 2-4 courts FULL of athletes at the same time! Besides, it was easy enough for most schools to go to a qualifier or tournament and watch an athlete live. But I think all of that is about to change.

Coaches aren't going to want to recruit from film, keep in mind, but it's going to be an adjustment that I think a lot of programs and coaches are going to have to adapt to moving forward. With little to no volleyball happening in the fall everyone's focus is shifting to the spring and what that is all going to look like. Among the issues facing programs moving forward is going to be answering the question, "How do we recruit and play a season at the same time?" Personally, I don't have a great answer for that right now on my end. But I will certainly continue to work on that and communicate that to you when I can. Not only are coaches going to have to figure out HOW to recruit during this Spring/Club season, but they are going to have to figure out how to do that with potentially smaller budgets and potentially less staff. Lets be honest, ADs and Presidents are going to figure out how to save money and that will include cutting assistant coaches and other support staff for at least the fall, if not for the next calendar year. Less budget also means fewer opportunity to travel and evaluate talented athletes.

So far this is what we've got:

smaller budgets

smaller staff

fewer opportunities to travel

I think one of the trends moving forward is going to be coaches doing slightly more evaluating during the high school season. But not now obviously because we will be on a dead period until December (potentially).

What about qualifiers? If AAU's in Florida last month was any example or precedent, it's entirely plausible that these events will have to limit the amount of people in attendance. That means (potentially) that coaches are watching BallerTV from their house (or on the road) on the weekends; better get the snacks ready.

With all of the current and potential barriers in place for college coaches to be able to watch athletes live, having quality and a quantity of film available for them to watch is going to be paramount. On the coaching side, I think that college coaches are going to be forced to adapt to giving a better evaluation based solely off of film. It might be only something we are worried about in the short term (hopefully). But for those athletes in the 2022 and 2023 classes, I think that it's going to happen.

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