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Recruting Trap - Misinformation

Updated: Jan 19

I do a lot of "myth-busting" when it comes to recruiting. There is a lot of misinformation out there and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Often times it comes from sources you might not expect. I already shared a few weeks ago about a parent that got some really bad advice from a very large online recruiting service, you can read about that one HERE. A second example is just the notion that recruiting in the sport of volleyball is the same as football or baseball. This is one that I actually have to spend a ton of time explaining to parents and it's not their fault really, it's usually what they see and hear a lot about. Or lets take the idea that D1 is "All or Nothing" when it comes to scholarships. This one is debunked easily and often by yours truly. What is most difficult about misinformation when it comes to recruiting is we often times just don't know or aren't being given all of the information. That is what leads to so many road blocks and detours during the process.

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