• Jason

The Current State of Recruiting II

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Last month I posted briefly about the current state of recruiting as it related to the idea of tournaments, qualifiers and possibly the whole season being cancelled. What was that going to look like moving forward and what you can do about it currently. I thought after 30 days in basic house arrest with our family of 6 I would give a brief update...although only some things have changed, they are seemingly some big changes.

First, the "Dead Period" has been extended until through the previous quiet period and now will last until May 31st. I had hoped that it would get lifted at the end of May, but through several phone calls already this week, it does sound like that NCAA is planning on extending the Dead Period into June. This is disheartening for sure, but I do think that even if the NCAA had lifted the Dead Period, several conferences and institutions would take it upon themselves to keep their coaches in place.

Second, originally I had thought that camps were going to be a huge deal this summer with the lack of tournaments and qualifiers for athletes and coaches to attend. While this is still true, with the Dead Period being extended all May camps across the country have already been cancelled. Now, with schools and universities moving to online summer school for their students, institutional camps are starting to get cancelled in June and July and I would expect in the next month we will see more and more schools following that trend.

Club tournaments and Qualifiers have been rescheduled for the end of May and in June which is great! Everyone in the volleyball community is hopeful that these will take place and that it will turn into Nationals happening in July. Even though several people have commented to me on how "rusty" the volleyball might be, I think that any sport, activity or social gathering would help all of us get back to some level of normalcy with everything that has happened in the last 6 weeks.

The last issue to discuss is the Fall volleyball season. There have been several conversations with parents and coaches over the last couple of weeks where the rumors are starting to fly about actually having a shortened season. From everything that I am hearing, this is an extremely proactive approach that coaches and conferences are taking to plan ahead IN CASE there is a need to move the season or make changes. I haven't heard from any coach that they are currently planning on having an adjusted schedule, but they are starting to talk about what they would do moving forward if it was needed. I think the Fall is really far away at this point. With everything going on currently and with conferences and schools getting a lot less money because the D1 Basketball Tournament was cancelled, not having schools compete this fall would be detrimental to athletic departments in most every situation.

As far as recruiting goes, I have been hearing the same thing from college coaches these last four weeks; "We want to hear from athletes!" Please be reaching out to schools regularly if you are interested in them. This is all going to pass over eventually and you definitely want to be at the front of their mind when they are allowed to get out and watch athletes again. If you are in a position to where they can respond and reach out to you, now is your chance to communicate how interested you are and why they should choose you over another athlete. Recruiting has not stopped or paused. Sure, it looks a little different right now, but just like any other event (race, match, game...) you don't stop training or practicing for it just because the date shifted.

Keep working and stay healthy!

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