• Jason

The End of the Dead Period?

As you know, D1 schools have been on a Dead Period for over a year at this point. D2 schools have been back to their normal recruiting calendar since the Fall; some people didn't realize that and it confuses some people. I have talked about this several times, so if you still have questions on that, please let me know, although hopefully those questions won't be needed here in a few months.

While I think we will get more info and details on this here in a few weeks, it does seem to feel and sound like we are at the end. I have been saying that the Dead Period will get extended through June and July and I still think that could happen. Although, the majority of what I'm hearing from coaches across the country is that June and July are going to look like a Quiet Period. I say "look like" because it sounds like there are going to potentially be some added on stipulations regarding the Quiet Period. But none the less, getting out of the Dead Period in any way is going to be a positive.

The biggest reason I have been drawing on this "hope" of the Dead Period ending the end of May is the really big push that Camps are going to happen in June and July. This is a small thing, but we all know planning and setting dates from an administration and logistics perspective is difficult and often a huge pain. So if these coaches are going through this process to set-up camp dates there must be (hopefully) some light at the end of this year-long tunnel.

I don't know a ton of details at the moment and I'm not saying that the dead period is going to end with 100% certainty, yet. I think over the next few weeks more and more specifics will come out and we will have a pretty good idea of what June and July could look like. But, if what I'm hearing and June 1st we could be on the other side of this Dead Period? Then it's a reason for the 2022 and 2023 classes specifically to be encouraged as club volleyball moves out of qualifier season and into Nationals.

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