• Jason

The Greatest Coaching Photo Ever

Updated: May 9, 2021

I didn't get to watch any of the NCAA tournament, we don't have cable TV, I don't have Zulu, we just have Netflix and Dinsey+ and potentially both of those will be going away in the near future. I was able to sit and watch some Livestats though. For those of you that are familiar with stats and enjoy stats particularly volleyball, you can kind of see things happening statistically during a match and you don't need to see it happen live in order to evaluate. All of that really has nothing to do with the topic, except that visually, my only perspective from the NCAA tournament is what I saw on Instagram.

I'm sure you could look at the NCAA tournament from a bunch of different perspectives. I will, for the moment at least, choose to look at it from a coaching lens. In my opinion, this picture of Coach Skinner is the greatest "Coach" photo ever.

Now, I don't know Coach Skinner personally at all. I believe we have met once. I think we rode in the same car to work a club camp one weekend - I don't think he said a word the entire drive. The majority of conversations I've had with Kentucky is through the assistant coaches at this point. So, my perspective is from someone very outside of his circle, but as a coach I can guess or point to what is going through his mind, because probably they are things that have gone through his head multiple times and many other coaches have had the same thoughts, only NOT potentially in that situation.

When I see this picture, this is what I see...

A coach that spent countless hours watching film

A coach that spent countless hours in the convention center

A coach that meticulously recruited over several recruiting classes to get the BEST athletes that would be the BEST fit for that program

A coach that tirelessly planned practices to help prepare his athletes for this very moment

A coach that probably kept himself up at night wondering if he was making the right decisions on recruiting, practice planning, game management and countless other things

A coach that is insanely proud of all of his athletes and everything they put into the season

Someone that can't really believe that everything above actually lead to the moment he is in right now.

That is what I see when I look at this picture. I think the picture embodies everything that a coach is and everything they do for their team and for their family.