• Jason

The Recruit Visit - Meeting The Team

Meeting the athletes is probably the MOST important part of a recruiting visit. Depending on how the visit is structured and how the logistics of the day play out, a high school athlete might end up spending a lot of time with the team. In other circumstances, the athlete might only get to spend a limited amount of the time with the team. This may or may not be by design, but I would guess that most of the time it's dictated by the overall schedule of the visit. So, if you don't end up spending a ton of time with the team, it's not necessarily a negative on the visit as a whole.

When athletes would come for a visit in my program, they would almost without a doubt end up spending a lot of time with the team. Weekends during the Spring were hard to do this but we could usually make something work so that the recruit could spend time with the team. This step is really important on both sides. Ask most college volleyball players as to the "why" they picked that specific school and many times their #1 answer will be "The team." I would always ask for my teams thoughts on the recruits we had on campus. If they REALLY loved the recruit we brought in, I didn't usually have to solicit the question; I would just start getting texts from them :) It's possible not every coach is going to ask for feedback on athletes from their current players, but I would guess there is at minimum some communication going on about the teams' interactions with a recruit during a visit. It is entirely possible for a visit to NOT go very well if the recruit does not engage with the team. As an athlete that is being recruited by that specific school, this is an important step you need to focus on.