• Jason

Volleyball is Back!!

Although it's certainly different this fall and maybe not exactly what we all expected, it is nice to have volleyball back. High School here in Texas has been going for several weeks now and it has had a few bumps, but district play starts soon and I know a lot of athletes are excited about competing again. College volleyball has started again and the ACC, Southland and Sun Belt have been playing. Their season has had some bumps in the road as well, but parents and athletes both seem to be excited about playing. I also think that most coaches are glad to have things back to a semi-normal. It's not the fall that anyone hoped for, but it's better than nothing in many ways.

Amidst everything that is going on outside of the gyms right now, athletes are still competing, parents are still cheering and coaches are still coaching. Sports has always been one of those things that brings us together, regardless of what is going on around us. While there is always risk that surrounds athletics and competition, I think sports is doing what it does for a lot us. It is giving us an opportunity to focus on 1 point, 1 touch and 1 match. It's giving young athletes, coaches and even parents in the stands to blur or mute all of the noise surrounding our lives. While we all still have financial loss, job loss, family loss and personal losses we might be struggling with, competition lets us focus on competition.

Volleyball is back and I would encourage everyone that reads this to be encouraged by the notion that we can join together to make positive things happen. There will always be bumps in the road, sure. But every Thursday or Friday night, volleyball is giving us an opportunity to support and believe in one another for the better of everything that is going on outside of the gym. We have many times taken competition and sport for granted. I hope that everyone is using this moment in sports to support coaches, athletes, team members and parents.

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