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Volleyball Wins

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

If you missed the blurb from Coach Booth last week on the AVCA facebook page, then you missed why volleyball wins. She talks about what makes coaching volleyball and the volleyball community so special. The whole piece is spot-on. I have included the link below, but here are three things that stood out to me in the article.

1) Perspective - Yes, it's something that almost every coach talks about with their players. The ability to look at things from a different angle is probably somewhere in the defining characteristics of a coachable athlete. Hopefully most of our perspectives have shifted a little bit with everything going on. Hopefully college athletes, coaches and all of those involved collegiate athletes will gain the perspective that playing at this level is a huge privilege. I'm sure that athletes will take in EVERY moment they have this fall.

2) We want to play - I don't think I have talked to a single coach through all of this that has said "I'm ok with there not being a season." In fact, I think almost every head coach in the country is figuring out every possible scenario, so they can play. There are lots of variables, but it sounds like they are trying to figure all of those out so that volleyball can still have a season. The other point she is making with this is that my desire to play and win does NOT override another coaches desire to do the same. Instead, coaches need to find ways to make sure that ALL of the schools near to us are getting opportunities to play and compete this season. It's a great opportunity to put the volleyball community to work and support one another.

3) Perspective gives us the opportunity to shift our focus when needed. Goals for the upcoming season have changed and are going to change. Coaches are going to have to be willing to adapt in order to make it all happen. The schedule that fit perfectly into our post-season NCAA tournament appearance box, is potentially going to get blown up. How the volleyball community reacts and how coaches are going to react is going to show a lot to the young athletes under them.

"The optimist in me is confident our volleyball community will rally together and get our student-athletes on the court."

I think that even a shortened season is going to have roadblocks, but I agree with Coach Booth when she says that the community needs to rally together.

"Let’s help each other, even if it isn’t perfect for us. The unity and selflessness we can demonstrate to our players are the real memories and lessons that will last a lifetime."

When this is all over, there will be lots of things athletes remember. Is it going to be the things they didn't do, or the things that they DID do? I have joked several times that this is going to be my children's "walked uphill through snow, both directions" story when they get older. I hope that this volleyball season our athletes are given plenty of opportunities to grow and succeed. I think that the volleyball community and coaches throughout all levels can have a major hand in what this experience looks like.

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"Gaining Perspective" by Kirsten Bernthal Booth (Creighton University)