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What's Next?

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

June 15th is now a week behind us. It's been a mostly positive week with a lot of contacts between coaches and athletes. I will admit that I think more could have been done on the coaches side to help things transition and go smoothly, but I get into that more in my podcast - Click Here. There are lots of variables moving forward in the recruiting process, but the most obvious question is "What's Next?"

The first variable is the 2021 class. With the shortened club season and lots of camps being cancelled for the season, there are plenty of schools that were in the middle of recruiting and finishing up their 2021 class. Some of them might be done by now, but there are still lots of schools looking to fill some holes in this class. In the current landscape I know that many coaches will still be looking to fill those rosters spots next club season. Many athletes that hoped to go into their senior year committed and done unfortunately won't be able to do that. This is important because even if I know what I "need" for the 2022 class, depending on how the 2021 class looks when it is finally finished could drastically change what I need in the 2022 class.

While some D2/D3 schools have been able to open up their campus for camps, D1 schools are still on a dead period and can not hold camps. If a D1 coach was planning on using camps to gain more clarity on who they wanted in the 2022 class, then they are going to be missing out on that opportunity this year. Camps are really one of the big factors right now pushing the overall recruiting timeline back further and further. If D1 schools are allowed to do camps and clinics this fall season, that could help bring it back a little bit, but I do think those small clinics are fairly limited. With Texas athletes it is especially hard for them to miss even weekends during the high school season. Those schools that are currently allowed to hold camps are definitely at an advantage when it comes to keeping their recruiting timeline consistent. Coaches that are planning on doing camps or clinics in the fall have already told me they plan on not having their current team involved in the camp. For D1 schools that are not able to hold camps until December or January at the earliest, the next time they are going to be able to watch athletes live is going to be Triple Crown in 2021.

While some athletes received offers and even fewer committed last week, the next real step in the process is going on a visit. There are still a lot of discussions about visits for the upcoming fall volleyball season. Many coaches are not even sure when their season is going to start and so bringing recruits on campus is still a few more steps away than it normally would be. I have been saying for a few weeks now that D1 visits this fall are at risk of not being able to happen. I do think that regionally D2 schools should be able to function similarly to what they have been doing, but I haven't heard anything different or new as of right now. Even if visits at D1 schools do happen, they might look really different and include very little time with the athletes of that specific program. That by itself could make a huge impact on the visit. As any coach will tell you, the time that a recruit gets to spend with the team makes such a positive impact on the visit; in my opinion, if a recruit is unable to spend time with members of your team, there is almost no reason to have the visit. But we will see how things shake out in the next several months.

What's next? Lots of emails, phone calls and texts. Be ready to dig in, this could be a longer process than most of us were planning. Keep working and good things will happen!

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