Why Do You Play?

Updated: Jan 19

Now, I don't watch football games anymore unless I get invited to a party of some sort. Still one of my favorite sports to watch on TV, but it's not really something I do anymore. I still love sports though! So when I heard that a tie between the Raiders and Chargers meant they would both make the playoffs, I was overly intrigued. The game being on Sunday Night Football I think added more to the intrigue. For me, the notion that the Broncos would be left out of the playoffs while the rest of the division would be moving on was salt-in-the-wound, but still a fun idea. What would coaches decide? Do they want to tie? Would they try to tie if possible? Was a coach going to make a decision late that would put any idea of a tie out of reach?

With less than a minute to go it looked like a tie might actually happen, which is just crazy that it worked out that way. But with 3 seconds left in OT, the Raiders kicked a field goal to win the game; sending them to the playoffs and the Chargers packing up for home.

It brought Herm Edwards timeless press conference to mind. It also brought me to ask this question to volleyball athletes - Why do you play the game?

We are all competitive in some way.

We all LOVE the game of volleyball in some way.

But WHY do you play?

What goals do you have?

What are you trying to accomplish at the end of EACH season?

What do you want to get out of your 4 years of college?

...playing time


...individual awards

...meet your future best friends

What kind of education do you want to have?

How does volleyball at this school help you reach your goals for after college?

These questions and more should be answered prior to and during the recruiting process. It's okay for the answers to change too! As you grow, mature and learn more, your answers, goals and other ideas for your future will change.

But I think it's important to answer these questions as you're going through the process to figure out WHY you want to play college volleyball and what you actually want to accomplish while you're there. I think some of those answers will help direct athletes to schools that are, in the end, a much better fit. So many athletes are hitting the transfer portal right now. Many of those athletes (not all) found out that what they were ACTUALLY looking for couldn't be found at that particular school and in that particular situation. We should try, as best as we can, to have some of those honest conversations now rather than later.