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A First Look...Grabbing the Wheel

If there was a better time for the athlete to take full-control of their recruiting, be proactive about the process and stay aggressive throughout, I can't think of one. So many things point to the notion that the athletes who are the most proactive going into the club season are going to be at the biggest advantage.

Gone are the days of "walk-by recruiting" where coaches just wondering around or walking/standing at a specific court will magically notice an athlete. While most D1 coaches I really believe are going to spend their weekends watching livestream events of clubs, athletes and tournaments, they are going to have to focus their attention and time on those athletes they know about in order to get the best evaluation they can as they are going to be doing the majority of that from film; it's just not the same as watching an athlete live.

The "we are playing open to get recruited" mentality will fade into the shadows this season as well. D2 coaches will still be out in limited quantities, but D1 coaches in an effort to save time, won't sit and watch the top courts in order to mingle, chit-chat and show off their brand with the top clubs in the country. They will be sitting at home and in their offices watching a screen. Again, I've never been a fan of this type of reactive recruiting, but even more so now it just won't work. If coaches aren't watching your court and focused in on your jersey number, they won't be evaluating you. "Playing Open" in front of 30+ coaches in the past was not a great recruiting plan and it definitely won't be now.

So take control of your recruiting. If you want a coach to know how interested you are, then tell them. If a particular school is your top choice, let them know. If you are only emailing once every 3 months, these coaches are going to be way more focused on evaluating the athlete that emails them every other week.

I think we are in a position that none of us want to be in. But that doesn't mean that we should be any less proactive in the process. Do not go into this club season hoping or wishing that things will happen on the recruiting side. Make things happen for yourself this club season.

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