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Are You "Three Months" Interested?

Updated: May 18

You don't have to just send film.

It's one of the big misconceptions or even pitfalls that I think parents and athletes get into during the recruiting process. They make the decision for some unknown reason, that coaches ONLY want to get new film over email and nothing else. They wait for weeks even months before emailing schools because they are "waiting on new film."

Coaches do really like watching film, at least I hope they do otherwise they might not be in the right profession. Coaches also like hearing about what is going on in the life of the athlete. Especially for those of you in the younger classes, this is your only chance to let a coach get to know things about you before the June 15th contact date. If you are an older athlete and coaches can email you back but you only reach out every few months when you get new film, just know that there is another athlete emailing the coach weekly, asking questions and getting to know them. That puts you at a disadvantage.

With athletes that coaches are really interested in, they are trying to reach out to them every week. They don't always get to do that, it's not a perfect system. But they are touching base with them in some way each week or close. That's how a coach shows they are REALLY INTERESTED in an athlete. Those athletes let the coaches know how interested they are by RESPONDING each week and even reaching out on their own to update the staff about what is going on. It works both ways! :)

So athletes, are you once a week interested or are you once every three months interested?

Sending film is great! You should definitely send updated film when you can. But how are you communicating with them in the weeks and months in-between your film getting edited?

You should definitely send film in your emails. But there is plenty to communicate about yourself as an athlete, plenty to update them on, plenty of questions to ask and plenty of things to say to show you are interested in a school. Do those things as regularly as you can! 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference. Take a couple minutes and instead of just scrolling or tapping through your instagram feed, comment on a post or two. What other ways can you show a school and coach that you are interested in them? How can you encourage a college coach to come watch you play in February?

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