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Updated: Jun 14, 2021

If you follow any D1 programs or college coaches on social media, you might have noticed that they were excited to be out recruiting again this past weekend. Coaches traveled across the country for the first time in over a year. It's exciting to be back out recruiting for sure. Recruiting was one of my favorite pieces of coaching in college. I would definitely be excited to get on the road again if I had been stuck in a dead period for over a year.

The next piece on everyone's list is college camps. Whether you are going to college camps at a specific club or to an individual school's camp on their campus, it is always important to remember that contact with coaches is extremely important. You can go to a college camp with 10 different schools in attendance and they might notice you, but they might not. many times those college coaches are there at a camp because they have 1 or more athletes at that specific club targeted to recruit. Based on their positional needs for each class, they might not spend a ton of time evaluating you. If they don't know who you are, that certainly doesn't help.

While we might be "back in business" when it comes to coaches being out in-person recruiting at qualifiers, camps and practices, the one staple of the last year hasn't changed and most likely won't ever change. You (the athlete) are responsible for putting yourself in front of college coaches. If you want to get noticed, the best way is to reach out to college coaches and send them your film. THEN they will mark you down if they like your film and plan on watching you play live. Having coaches back off their Dead Period certainly streamlines the process, but it doesn't take away the need to be in touch with schools. Many of these coaches are heading to the courts of athletes that have been emailing them and staying in touch for the last year.

Are you one of those athletes that a coach is planning on watching first?

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