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Being the Best Teammate Possible

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I remember years ago showing my team a clip while we were going over some film.  Our DS had chased a ball into the stands and while she wasn't able to get the ball up she had given max effort which is always the goal.  The point of the clip was to show what the rest of the team was doing; I paused the clip while the DS was still pulling herself out of the bleachers.  Her 5 teammates were all standing in the middle of the court in a circle waiting for her to come into the middle, like they all new they were supposed to do after each play.  To this I said it was great that we are circling up in the middle after each play like we are supposed to, but next time something like this happens I'd like to see 1 of 2 things; 1) a couple of you need to run over there and help her up and bring her to the middle or 2) move the entire huddle over to where she is to make sure we are encouraging and helping each other as much as we can.

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