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College Recruiting Day - June 15th (Part 2)

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

We are one week away from June 15th! Who else is excited?! It's been quite the journey for this class of 2022 and I am definitely excited about things moving forward.

One thing that I did want to mention was to think about the time that this could potentially take over the course of a few days. It was something I mentioned to a small group of recruits a few nights ago and I thought it was another good proactive idea to mention here. I think that for a lot of athletes, June 15th and the few days that follow could end up taking more time out of their schedule than they think. I wanted to just crunch a few numbers to give everyone an idea of the time this could take.

Lets say that you have been emailing 25 schools and they are all interested and planning on calling you on the 15th. If each phone call takes a minimum of 15 minutes, then that is 6 hours and 15 minutes of time on the phone. Now, I know several schools that are planning on having Zoom calls or even trying to do a virtual visit with athletes on the 15th or in the days that follow. Those kind of calls will easily take 30 minutes. What about texting? I don't know exactly how much time 16-17 year olds spend texting, but just today I spent 2.5 hours texting from my phone talking to roughly 25 different people. Lets put emails in here too, since I know that several coaches will reach out through email. If an athlete is reading and then responding to 25 emails on June 15th at about 5 minutes each email, then that is roughly 2 hours on email. Essentially, if an athlete is talking to 25 schools, then you would want to set aside the following amount of time:

Talking = 6.25 hours

Texting = 2.5 hours

Emailing = 2 hours

Total = 10.75 hours

If an athlete uses different platforms to talk to each of the 25 schools, then obviously the time will be a little bit less. If an athlete is planning on talking to more than 25 schools, then it could take longer than 10 hours. Lets also think about spreading this out across a couple of days. 4 hours of talking on the phone with college coaches is going to be a lot! So even at 16 calls in one day, you're going to be exhausted. Those 25 schools that might be calling you are realistically going to get on the phone with you from June 15th through most of that first week and for sure those first three days. Maybe you are going to spend 6 hours on the phone, but 2 hours a day over 3 days is certainly a lot less daunting then doing it all in one day.

June 15th is a big day for a lot of athletes. Some athletes are going to manage more than 25 schools and some maybe less. Either way, making sure you are setting aside time each day to handle communicating with coaches is going to be important. Don't burn yourself out! Be happy and excited that this day is finally here!

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