• Jason

June 15th Is Here!

Well, we made it through the Dead Period and came out the other side. For the 2023 class, this is the week that they can FINALLY connect with college coaches in some two-way communication! I know everyone is excited about going forward and there are lots of things to consider and lots of variables as you progress through the recruiting process. Please feel free to read some of my past blogs for more info on this recruiting cycle or reach out to me with any questions going forward.

Here are some things to remember about June 15th (and probably recruiting in general):

1 - Everyone is going to have a different experience.

2 - Create boundaries for yourself in these first few weeks.

3 - Your energy level matters when you are talking with coaches.

4 - Asking specific questions is always better than asking general questions.

5 - Do your research!

6 - You're probably excited, anxious and possibly stressed. Make sure you take breaks :)

7 - Have an idea of what your summer and fall will look like so you can plan camps and visits.

8 - Be proactive throughout this process. Coaches can respond to you now - you need to reach out to them.

9 - Remember, the end goal is to find the best athletic and academic fit.

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