For Better or For Worse

With the announcement of the 48 team NCAA Volleyball tournament tonight there are a couple things that are going to be happening (most likely) in the next couple months. With the majority of teams ending their season this week, we are going to start getting some movement on the Transfer Portal. While this would be fairly normal in the past at the end of the regular season, between eligibility issues, back-to-back seasons, coaching changes and scholarship concerns, I would suspect we are about to see a lot of activity on the transfer wire.

The "new recruiting rules" were created to try and cut down on transfers. Many coaches said for years that something needed to be done about the amount of transfers in the sport of volleyball. While the 2022 class is really the first recruiting class to go through these new rules, I don't think that we will see a ton of things solved, as far as transfers, when those athletes reach college. My guess is we will still see an enormous amount of athletes transferring each year. Obviously there a lot of reasons athletes transfer and only a few of them have to do with "early recruiting."

But this year things are a little different. Because of eligibility issues and scholarships and budgets affecting schools significantly more than in the past, there will be a lot of transfers in the next couple of weeks. If schools wind up with a senior not returning or an underclassmen wanting to go somewhere else for the 2021 Fall season (and that season starts up here really soon) they aren't going to be adding incoming freshmen (2021) or even really going after high school juniors (2022). They are most likely, in both situations, going to be focused on transfers to fill those spots.

Now as we hopefully reach the end of the Dead Period and camps start back up on D1 campuses this June and July, those schools that are still looking for those positions will be able to find athletes in those specific classes outside of the transfer portal. For those athletes that have made connections with schools that "might" be recruiting their position in their class going forward, now is a good time to continue to reach out and connect with those coaches. As things move and change going forward, you will want to make sure that you are fresh in their mind

The transfer portal is here to stay for better or for worse.

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