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How To Show Interest

The question I get asked most each club season, "Jason, is she interested in us?"

Now this might seem like a fairly simple question, but at the heart of this question is a couple of things:

First, this is a question that college coaches WANT an answer to. It's is extremely important to the recruiting process. If you are not interested or if a coach assumes or things you aren't interested, then they will look elsewhere.

Second, when I get asked this question, it usually meant that the athlete can and should be doing more to show their interest with this specific school.

This is where this NEW online program comes in.

In this one session, we will take you through the 4 C's of showing interest to college coaches.

Showing interest is an important part of YOUR recruiting process. Make sure you are doing all that you can to help answer this question for college coaches.

You will also receive the "Ask Better Recruiting Questions" download when you join!

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