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"I'm not a celebrity...I'm totally okay with that"

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Don't let my 800 followers on Instagram fool you, but I'm not famous. While I'm out recruiting at a convention center, no one stops me for a picture. I don't get tagged in pictures on social media and only seldom do I get tagged in a volleyball highlight.

I've had several cool moments this qualifier season.

The first one was the past weekend here in Dallas. I ran into a few of my former players. It's always a lot of fun for coaches to run into former players, but for me these are the athletes that I didn't get to finish coaching. I think when you leave a group before you're supposed to it hits you a little different when you connect with them again. One of them told me that recruiting was always my favorite part of the job and so it made sense that I'd be doing what I'm doing now.

The other fun thing that happened was the chance to watch some my seniors that I helped through the process play some games! With the new 18s schedule our travel doesn't match up, especially with what's been going on the last two years. So it was really fun to see them and also watch them play. One of "my parents" came up to me and started to thank me for all of the help I gave them in the recruiting process. She talked about how they never would have found the school, how perfect of a fit the coaching staff was for their daughter and that even the father couldn't find anything to complain about :) It's really those moments that encourage me to continue doing what I'm doing.

So, no, I don't get asked for my picture and I'm 100% okay with that. If I can keep making an impact and helping athletes find a great fit for their college volleyball experience, then I will be content doing the work, seeing some of my friends and interacting with athletes, families and coaches across the country. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a few more followers on social media. If I don't get more followers, I'll be okay with that as long as I can be a help to those that want and need it.

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