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If there is no volleyball...

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I'm kicking it old school a little bit here with this recruiting question. It's one that a lot of coaches will use and ask during the recruiting process and I think that it pertains to our current situation right now in a big way. We always talk about finding the right "fit" for athletes. While certain athletes might have different reasons for a school being a good "fit" for them, in general the question pertains to the athlete being a good fit for the volleyball program, it also means that the athlete is a good "fit" for the entire university; and it's why so many coaches are clear and purposeful about using the term "student-athlete." The question that coaches ask is this:

"Would you come to this school if you weren't going to play volleyball?"

Think about that for just a second...especially if you are an athlete reading this...

It's something that in the present situation of volleyball, and sports in general, needs to be thought about and answered. Definitely athletes in this graduating class (2020) should be thinking about it and so should the current juniors (2021). As many athletes found out in the last several months, your season could end before it even begins; it is certainly something that athletes don't really have control over. When you're left with no volleyball, basketball or softball, you should be asking yourself:

"Would I go to this school just for academics?"
"Would I come to this school if I was going to be a student?"

I do hope that this is a question you have already discussed and answered for yourself.

If you're looking at only "big" schools, then take a look at my blog about the Power 5 and how hard it is to make those rosters. Just remember there are over 300 D1 school across the country and almost 300 D2 schools. There is a really good chance you can find a great fit for both your academic and athletic goals.

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