It's A Great Day to Make a Highlight Video!

Updated: Feb 19

Cold...Wind...Snow...and it's a Holiday. That usually means there isn't any school happening today and possibly even tomorrow. There was a TON of volleyball going on this past weekend and I watched as much as I could from whatever FB Livestreams I have been invited to. I feel like I comment more than I should in those, but you have to talk to someone while you're watching volleyball right?

Did I mention that today would be a great day to make a highlight video?

Now if you aren't using something like Hudl Assist (which makes the process substantially easier) it might take you a larger chunk of the day. But, there is certainly enough time today to take a nice big chunk out of that work load. If you have Hudl assist then you are just really waiting for all of those matches to get tagged (Saturday matches are probably done already) and then you should be good!

If you're not sure what to include in your highlight, think - everything that makes me look awesome - and includes those clips. You need to stand out in some way :) Plus with multiple matches from the weekend you can definitely find some really good rallys and touches, regardless of your position. If it's going to take you a long time to go through all of your matches, that's totally fine. Think of ONE clip from the weekend that was awesome - diving into the bleachers; thumping an overpass; one-handed set for a kill; or hitting a defender in the face with a kill - cut out that ONE clip and email that to a bunch coaches and tell them you'll have more just as soon as you can! could also send some emails today! Got a medal from the tournament over the weekend? A quick picture letting them know how you and your team did = DONE!

Feel free to spend a few minutes outside if you need a little bit of a break, but stay warm!

Today really is a good day to put some clips together and make a video to send to college coaches. I will be here sitting at my computer (as long as we have power) so if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email and I will help however I can!

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