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Knock and Turn the Lights On

Sometimes you just forget to turn the lights on...it happens to me all the time. Not usually with lights, but for me its music. I can sit at my computer in silence for a solid 30 minutes forgetting to turn my music back on. Usually it's after I get off the phone or something else that made my pause my music. But something hits me and tells me "it's too quiet!" and it gets me to turn Spotify back on so I can have that background noise I usually need.

This happens in recruiting with college coaches regularly. Just this week an athlete reached out to me and here is how the conversation went, basically:

Athlete - Jason, that school you said would reach out hasn't reached out yet. I emailed them and I haven't heard back yet.

Me - That's odd. Let me shoot them a message and I will get back to you!

Athlete - Thanks!

Me - Hey Coach, just wanted to see if you and athlete were able to touch base?

Coach - Jason, totally forgot to email her back! Really sorry, I will shoot her an email right now.

...later that day...

Athlete - Coach emailed, thanks Jason!

Sometimes there are a few variables thrown in, but that's the summarized version of what usually happens.

It's why I tell parents you need to send at least 3 emails out to a school without getting a response before you assume they aren't interested. I have coaching friends that I have known for a decade that I have to email, text and leave a voicemail before they respond. They are just that busy. Believe it or not but college coaches have at least 15 people on their list that they are constantly worried about before they get to the athletes they are recruiting. It can take time and it can take a couple of knocks for them to wake-up and turn the lights on.

Are you knocking on doors enough? Chances are they will turn the lights on and probably even answer the door. But if you aren't knocking at all, they won't ever come answer the door. Do you have someone helping you knock on doors to find out who is even home? If you need help getting some house lights turned on, let me know!

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