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NCAA and Antitrust Laws

Updated: May 12

There is a lot going on in the NCAA right now. July 1st was the first day of the new NIL; where athletes can now make money off of their Name, Image and Likeness. The NIL is a topic I will dive into later as it will certainly have an impact on the college sports world and on recruiting down the road.

The specific article listed below is one that I don't think garnered as much press as it should have. Now, I am still learning and diving into this whole topic because I honestly don't know a ton about it. From what I gather in general, I do NOT believe that this will shape up being a positive thing for women's college athletics as a whole. I won't share specifics here, because I would like to do more research on the topic, but as did share my concerns with multiple college coaches while I was in Orlando and I received zero to little pushback on my perceived outcome.

Take a look at the article, do some research and I am hoping that I can have some discussions with some people about this topic and give a little more insight on what impact this may or may NOT have on college athletics going forward.

NCAA Antitrust Article

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