• Jason

Non-Volleyball Management

It's safe to say that sitting in the office all day doing paperwork, answering administrative type emails and going to staff meetings falls pretty low on the list of a college coach's favorite things to do. In fact, I know 0 (Zero) college coaches that got into coaching for the paperwork. I know I didn't. But it still comes with the territory for coaches, whether assistant or head coach, that you wear a lot of hats and one of those hats is NOT being in the gym and working. It's understood that it is part of the job and something that they have to do. But they certainly do NOT enjoy doing any extra or unnecessary administrative work.

Between recruiting, training, practice planning, scouting, travel and some other necessary admin stuff, most days of a college coach are pretty full. One thing I know coaches don't like having added onto their plate is managing issues off the court. This is why personality fit, academic fit and institutional fit is so important to the recruiting process. Right now, there are over 900 volleyball athletes in the transfer portal (but more on that later).

Coaches understand that there is a certain level of helping student-athletes manage their academics and investing individually into the person as that helps build a culture and environment that both the athlete and coach want to be in. When you start dumping other issues onto a coaches plate that they shouldn't have to deal with, that causes problems. Again, many coaches are invested in the individual person and not just the athlete and we all understand that situations and difficulties will arise. Coaches are fully capable and willing of helping and support those athletes through those specific circumstances. When athletes aren't doing their work, showing up on time or not meeting with the people on campus that they are supposed to be meeting with, that creates more work for the coaches. Sometimes 60+ hour work weeks aren't enough when you're having to deal with off-the-court issues. We all care about our athletes and will do almost anything to support them. At some point it can become too much though; just being honest. Of those athletes in the portal right now, there are plenty that are in there for legit reasons. Many others, unfortunately, were told they needed to go into the portal however.

So, when you are looking at where you want to play your college volleyball, it is extremely important to look at ALL of the reasons to go and NOT to go to a specific school.

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