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One foot in front of the other...

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

It's hard some mornings to keep plugging along; certainly I'm not the only one that feels that way. Coffee helps most mornings, but the cycle we are in right now with recruiting is difficult. Triple Crown being "postponed" (basically cancelled in terms of how it fits in with recruiting) was a huge hit, in my opinion, and it certainly doesn't put a positive spin on what is trending moving forward. As I'm working with my clients I often feel like we hit walls, detours, speed bumps...potential offers fall through, lists can get smaller and a favorite school through the process picks someone else. Those are mirrored though by commitments, offers and dream schools responding to an email or text. I'm very much Belichick, in that I'm "on to next week" and whatever needs to happen next. I'll be excited about clients committing or getting an offer, but then it's "who is next?!" and I'm back on my computer sending out more emails or making more phone calls.

There are certainly lots of negatives we could focus on in recruiting this past year, but I think that most what we should focus on are the things we can control. Dead period...Triple Crown...coaches not allowed into facilities...college coaches being forced recruit over livestream...all of those things are just slight detours. They shouldn't stop us in our tracks or force us to give up. Just putting one foot in front of the other is a difficult task, but necessary right now. Getting back onto your computer and sending out a few more emails, researching a few more schools and reaching out by text to that coach you haven't heard from in a few weeks; those are the steps we need to take and continue taking. The story of how we get to where we are going is always a little bit different for everyone; sometimes it's more difficult for some. Keep going! Even if it's at a crawl...you'll start walking soon enough. Things are NOT easy right now, that's for sure. But if playing college volleyball were easy, then everyone would do it right?! Just by continuing to go through this process right now, you're show how resilient you are! Keep going...just one foot in front of the other.

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