Remember To Have Fun

As Triple Crown approaches and the D1 Quiet Period comes to an end, I think one of the biggest things to remember is to have fun.

You play this game and stay involved with this game because you enjoy it.

A lot of athletes can become stressed as the recruiting process looms in front of them. They can be worried about making a mistake during matches, especially with college coaches around. One mistake, bad pass, bad swing or bad set won't break your entire recruiting process. Coaches are evaluating more than just one play. They want to see you succeed sure, but they also want to see how resilient you are. Once a coach decides that you are a good physical fit for their program, they begin to watch other things and evaluate them.

They want to see your personality

They want to see how you interact with your team

They want to see how you interact with your coach

They want to see how you react to a mistake

They want to see what energy you bring to the court

They want to see the energy you bring your teammates from the bench

They want to see how you speak to your parents

Coaches are looking at way more than just your kills, blocks, digs and mistakes. Do you have the intangible pieces they are looking for? Are you the kind of player they want to be around for 4 years?

You certainly want to show your best. Your best athletically and the best parts of your personality. Show them why you love to play this game and why you want to continue playing this game at the college level. Desire, Drive, Grit - what other attributes will you bring to the program?

Coaches are watching. That isn't a reason to be timid or scared. It's a reason to excel and show your best. Play hard; Celebrate with your teammates; Smile. Those kind of things can make a difference.

So, remember why you play this game. Have fun this weekend!

Try my favorite coffee!!