Say What?!

I talked to a parent this past week that received some really bad advice about recruiting. I won't share the complete context of the advice, but lets just say that there is a reason why I fight so hard against the big online recruiting services. I talk over the phone, text and email back and forth with college coaches across the country on a daily basis. If the person giving you advice is NOT doing that, then you possibly might want to reconsider the advice you're getting.

Myth-busting college recruiting is something I talk about regularly. Sometimes it's simple things like the notion that "D1 is ALL or NOTHING" in terms of scholarships (which it isn't btw) or reframing the perspective outside of college football recruiting. But either way, this is the "advice" that this family was given:

"You don't need to be sending any emails out right now, you're too young."

Honestly, when I hear people say things like this it just gets me all sort of fired up. This advice was given to an athlete graduating in 2023...during COVID...during the dead-period...the year prior to their Junior year...with June 15th just days away (37 to be exact). This is the "advice"! How in the world is a college coach going to know about you when D1 coaches are on a dead-period and can't go off campus? How are D2 and D3 coaches going to know about you when many can't recruit off campus because their admin won't let them, or they lost recruiting budget, or the department has some sort of freeze on spending? How are coaches going to know anything about you as an athlete, person or how talented you are unless you email them?


I do this full time. I'm engaged with college coaches on a daily-basis. My goal is always to find fantastic athletic and academic fits for the families and athletes that I work with. I don't have a fancy computer algorithm, I just have a personal relationship with the coaches that actually do the recruiting.

If you or someone you know needs help in the recruiting process, then please reach out to me. You can contact me through this website or through my social media accounts. I started this 3 years ago in order to help guide parents and athletes through the recruiting process. The advice I give, the things I write about in my blog and talk about on my podcast are ideas, discussions and concepts that I speak directly to college coaches across the country about. I am constantly talking to people from the college coach perspective, because the coaches are the ones that are going to be recruiting your athlete.

I will be right here, on my computer, sending another email or text to a college coach. Reach out anytime!

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