• Jason

Send An Email This Week

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I often talk to families that tell me "we don't have anything to email college coaches." Well, this week (or maybe last week) is possibly the easiest email of the year. No need to mention volleyball, or school, just a simple "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" and maybe even include a picture with you and your family by the tree, or even your dog (or cat) in a santa hat. Really anything goes!

Maybe Santa didn't come to visit you or you only got a lump of coal? Then a "Happy New Year" email is just as good!

I actually received a bunch of texts from college coaches on Christmas day, which is always a fun surprise. Plenty of coaches will also be working a few days before Christmas Day and a couple of days after, so they WILL be going through their emails this time of year.

Contacting the schools on your list or even expanding your list a little bit at the end of December is quick and simple! Be sure to have your film link in your email signature, so they can go watch your film if they have the chance.

Spend a few minutes over the next couple days and send some emails. It's always a huge positive to connect with college coaches.

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