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The Timeline Is The Same

Some people out there might be talking about how "because of COVID," college coaches (D1 schools particularly) will be taking a slowed-down approach to recruiting the 2023 class. That when college coaches get on the phone with athletes on June 15th they will be in "no hurry" to make decisions on athletes because it has been so long since they have been able to watch them play.

Let me assure you that this line of thinking is completely false. For the most part, coaches are still planning and looking at being done with their 2023 class around November and for sure by the end of the year. Conversations this summer will revolve around coming to camp and setting a visit date to campus. At least, that will most likely be the talk with athletes they are most interested in.

As I have been saying since February, (if not before) coaches are wanting to hear and receive updates from recruits because they want to know if they are interested or not so they can keep them on their list or move on. College coaches do not want to be wasting their time come June 15th. Why? Because they need to make sure they are getting the right kids to campus as soon as possible.

The massive amounts of travel and activity happening in those 11 days prior to the 15th is another indication. If coaches weren't worried about their recruiting timeline they wouldn't be traveling the country and going to as many club practices as possible in those few days. They want to know who is interested. They want to know where athletes are in their development. They want to see them in person. Once those things happen, coaches will be able to make decisions.

Now, even if a program has the intention to wait and NOT be in a hurry, the deciding factor in a lot of those cases is going to be the #2 on their list. If a coach has the opportunity to be done, they would more than likely want to be done. So if the #2 on the list is ready to make a decision (as will happen this fall as it did last fall) that will push the timeline and a coach will either have to decide to offer the #2 or wait on their #1. Either way, the timeline gets pushed.

Now, will we see commitments into January and February? Yes. We almost always do. I would just be extremely hesitant in planning on that being the case. Just remember that many coaches across the country are texting athletes at midnight on June 15th. Does that sound like a process that is "slowing down?"

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