• Jason

There's Still Volleyball Today!

As I am writing this, the Super Bowl is currently going on. It's sometime in the 2nd half and the Bucs are in the lead. I'm also not watching the game on TV. I know that may come as a huge surprise to some of you, but we haven't had cable TV in over 8 years. So, the only opportunity I get to watch the Super Bowl is at a big party NOT at my house. Since those outings are mostly on hold right now, I'm completely satisfied checking in on the game from my phone. Regardless of who wins, the football season is over tonight and in the light of current events, the fact that we made it this far at all is impressive. If you're sad that football is over after tonight, never fear because the college volleyball season is still going strong!

I will admit, I'm impressed volleyball made it this far as well. As more and more teams decided to cancel the fall seasons, I was certainly someone that got nervous about the same thing happening this spring. While there were a few bumps here and there with matches needing to be postponed or cancelled, college volleyball looks to be on their way to having a National Champions crowned in Omaha a few months from now.

While watching volleyball on TV doesn't quite give you the same experience as watching it in-person (or sitting on the bench for that matter!) it certainly is a sport that impresses regardless of how much you understand it. I was able to watch a few of my coaching friends go head-to-head this past week and that was fun. It was also fun and rewarding to watch a few former athletes getting to play as well. It's been rewarding for me on this side to get to watch my friends work and do the thing that they love. It's also just as rewarding to watch athletes that spent their entire high school life devoted to a sport they were planning on playing in college. All of that combined, when put it into perspective, generates a pretty awesome result. It's always impressive to see the hours of work and preparation payoff during a match regardless of the sport.

Regardless of who wins the football game tonight, there will still be emails to send, phone calls to make and athletes to support along this journey. There is also volleyball on TV and in person, so go watch some! It's truly an awesome sport.

...the Bucs are up 31-9 in the 4th Quarter...and I just can't imagine Mahomes leaving without throwing 3 TDs; so I think that won't be the final score of this game.

I can't wait for more volleyball this week! :)

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