• Jason

Today is the Day - June 15th (Part 3)

Updated: Jun 14

Well, it's finally here! The day that many of us have been waiting to arrive for over a year. While there is a lot going on today for athletes across the country, I wanted to write briefly about what happens next. Maybe today you got a lot of phone calls from college coaches or got a call from your number one choice; so it was a good day. Some maybe received few phone calls and others did not get a text from their top choice. It's honestly a perspective that I never have had before. As a college coach I had September 1st as our first day of contact for the Junior class and most years I was done with that class or close. We had already spent the club season building those relationships through phone calls and had camps in July. When September 1 rolled around I sent out emails and set up phone calls with several athletes that were already committed. I never thought about the perspective of athletes that didn't get calls or texts on that day or