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Today is the Day - June 15th (Part 3)

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Well, it's finally here! The day that many of us have been waiting to arrive for over a year. While there is a lot going on today for athletes across the country, I wanted to write briefly about what happens next. Maybe today you got a lot of phone calls from college coaches or got a call from your number one choice; so it was a good day. Some maybe received few phone calls and others did not get a text from their top choice. It's honestly a perspective that I never have had before. As a college coach I had September 1st as our first day of contact for the Junior class and most years I was done with that class or close. We had already spent the club season building those relationships through phone calls and had camps in July. When September 1 rolled around I sent out emails and set up phone calls with several athletes that were already committed. I never thought about the perspective of athletes that didn't get calls or texts on that day or how they would need to be encouraged through their process.

I talked a few weeks ago to some 2022 parents about the need to figure out what the purpose or goal of the phone call is. It's important to know that for many athletes, this is just the beginning. It's the start of communication. It's the beginning of building a relationship with someone that will turn out to be your future college coach and some others that won't be. As I have said many times before in recruiting seminars, "It's a process." Whether today signals the start of a 100m sprint to your recruiting finish line or a marathon, try as best as you can to enjoy it. Coaches across the country are excited to talk to you, so be excited also. Just remember that it is a process and everyone's recruiting process looks different. In the end you will find a great fit for your academic and athletic college careers. When you show up to college the whole journey and process starts over again! Enjoy the conversations you have with college coaches and your parents as you grow and learn throughout this process.

Good luck today! I hope it goes great!!!!

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