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Where Can College Coaches Find You?

Updated: 18 hours ago

*Originally Posted on 8/9/2021

This is one of the many ploys from online recruiting platforms like NCSA. They start marketing to you aggressively when your athlete is 13 or 14 years old, before any school can realistically start recruiting them. They try and sell you on this point:

"Join our website so you can be found by the millions of college coaches across the country that look at our site everyday."

Ok, so maybe they don't say "millions" but what their trying to imply is simple - that if you want to get "found" you need to join their website. It's not true at all. First, I don't believe the notion of "getting found". Second, you certainly don't need to pay thousands of dollars to "get found" on a search engine. The question is a good one though - Where can college coaches find you? But before you spend thousands of dollars to get almost NO HELP with the actual recruiting process, lets see if there are some more options for college coaches to find your athlete.

Can they find you on your high school volleyball website?

Can they find you on your club volleyball roster page?

Can they find you on youtube?

Can they find you on instagram?

Can they find you on University Athlete?

Can they find you in the email you sent them?

Can they find you in their questionnaire?

There are some other options. Believe it or not, but college coaches are able to use the google search option. Give that a try first. Put in your athletes name with 'volleyball' and see what pops up. Is there somewhere else on the internet where you can put maybe a little bit more information or someplace you can upload film (youtube) for free where coaches can find it?

All I am saying is that you have other options. Don't get sucked in to a system before you have sent your first email and before your athlete can even get recruited.

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