• Jason

You shouldn't be too busy

Most of our phones track our time on every app we use. My phone also tracks the first app I go to when I open my phone and for me it's almost always to respond to a text. Most of us spend hours a day on our phone.

But for whatever reason, when it comes to connecting and even texting with college coaches throughout the recruiting process, athletes are very regularly "too busy".

This is what I discussed with several college coaches while I was in Orlando. Athletes would take days to respond to text messages and then wouldn't want to make a phone call for days or even weeks in advance. Now, I will be the first to defend athletes in these situations because of travel, practice and everything else going on. I know many athletes that are going to want to set aside specific time in a specific location with little to no chaos going on in their house in order to focus on the communication. That is something I can totally get behind. But, a quick text here and there in order to communicate and show interest should be easier and done in a timely fashion. Go check your "streak" on snapchat and see how much time you spend on tiktok and evaluate if you have enough time to respond to a text message.

What do I say? How should I respond?

These are the questions I get most often when I bring this up and I think there is a general misunderstanding of how complicated this is, at least from a texting perspective. A simple text to just communicate interest or respond to a text from a coach should not take up 30 minutes of your time. Here are a few examples that will hopefully help :)

"Happy 4th of July Coach! I hope you have a great day!"

"Thanks for coming to watch me play today!"

"Yes, I'd love to chat with you on the phone. Can we set up a time later tomorrow?"

"Hey Coach! I'm at the lake with some friends, can I call you tomorrow?"

"Enjoying Vegas/Nationals with my team!" (then send them a team picture that you took, or something that you posted to instagram later)

Those are just some simple ideas. I could come up with a bunch more. If you are in the middle of something, travel, vacation, or hanging with friends, I don't think it's a bad thing to let them know that in the moment you are busy. The flip-side is that you respond 5-6 days later letting the coach know you were doing something. If you can respond or reach out to a college coach, take the opportunity to do so.

Just remember, someone is responding and does have the time to talk to a college coach, so where is that athlete going to get ranked compared to you?