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Just Touch the Ball

I don't have TV and so we almost never get to watch NFL game live. We used to go to DoubleDaves if the Broncos were playing in primetime so I could watch the games and the kids could eat pizza; that was always fun, but we haven't done that in a long time. I really only follow games through social media or live scores off of google or NFL.com. As Sunday went on I was surprised to see the Cowboys end up with a win based on the majority of posts on social media being negative. I was curious how the Cowboys pulled off the win and I had heard a few things about an onside kick, so I decided to watch the game highlights. It takes significantly less time than watching the whole game and I get the same basic information. The onside kick at the end of the game is puzzling for sure. How can professional football players (the Falcons at least), athletes that have been playing this game all of their adult life and most even when they were kids, NOT understand that they just needed to touch the ball and the game would be over?

The answer to that question is the same as the reason that many volleyball athletes think the Libero CAN'T take the ball with their hands inside the 10ft line; they don't really know the rules of the game. Being a student of the game, like understanding how the recruiting process works, can make a huge difference. I know what some of you are thinking, "Jason, but the Libero CAN'T take the ball with their hands in front of the 10ft line." That was the same answer I was given when I would ask Libero's at camp every year about the rule. The actual rule is that the ball can not be attacked AFTER a Libero has taken the ball with their hands in front of the 10 foot line. It's a pretty big difference. But it's the difference between being ready for the ball to come over the net and thinking the play is over. It's the difference between touching the slow rolling onside kick and letting it roll 10 yards, letting the other team jump on the ball and losing the game.

We could get into another whole discussion about game awareness or situational awareness in sports. It certainly a huge part of volleyball. It's safe to say that having a more in-depth knowledge of the rules or process is important in any situation. It's true with recruiting as well. The more you really understand what's going on with scholarships, roster positions and how college coaches communicate, the better prepared you can be and the smoother the process will be for you. Take advantage of the resources you have and make sure you are fully aware of the situation you are getting into.

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